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Seacoast Utility Authority is a non-profit governmental regional water, wastewater and reclaimed water utility that furnishes potable water service to approximately 47,000 households and 2,700 commercial establishments. Wastewater collection, treatment and disposal services are provided to approximately 44,000 residential dwellings and 1,700 businesses. The Authority's service area, which covers approximately 65 square miles, consists of certain unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County, and the incorporated areas of the City of Palm Beach Gardens, the Village of North Palm Beach, the Towns of Lake Park and Juno Beach, all in northern Palm Beach County, Florida. The Authority has no taxing powers and does not receive any tax revenues from the state, county or city governments.

Seacoast is responsible for providing you and your family/business with the best possible drinking water. Seacoast uses two membrane treatment processes to treat its water: reverse osmosis for brackish Floridan aquifer water desalination and nanofiltration for demineralization of its fresh surficial aquifer water supply. Both the reverse osmosis and nanofiltration processes operate by forcing pressurized raw water through a semi-permeable membrane that separates contaminants. To provide this water service, we have thirty-eight (38) surficial aquifer ground water wells and three (3) Floridan aquifer wells located in four (4) separate wellfields. Three (3) of the thirty-eight (38) surficial aquifer wells are presently out of service. Seacoast treats, on an average, 19 million gallons of water a day. Our job is making better water for people.

Seacoast is responsible for providing the best possible treatment to the wastewater that comes from your home and/or business. Once the wastewater leaves your home/business, it flows into sewage collection mains (not storm drains), then into lift stations that pump it to our wastewater treatment plant where it is treated by an activated sludge process, settled and disinfected. Currently, Seacoast treats and recycles an average of 8 million gallons of wastewater a day. This treatment process meets all of the requirements established by the federal, state and local regulatory agencies.

Some people confuse Seacoast Utility Authority with other companies or utilities that provide electricity, gas, garbage pickup, telephone, plumbing, cable television, or postal services. Seacoast provides water, wastewater tand reclaimed water service only.

Seacoast Utility Authority is not responsible for maintaining storm drains. Should you have problems with a flooded or stopped-up storm drain, contact your city or county Public Works office. Storm drains catch rain and other run-off water, and are not wastewater lines (though they are often referred to as storm sewers).


Public Info

Membrane Conversion Project - In June 2005, Seacoast Utility Authority staff prepared a report analyzing Seacoast’s existing water supply and treatment practices read more>>

Seacoast Utility Authority’s enabling documents require its Executive Director to prepare an annual summary of issues, activities and achievement.  Following is the FY 2009/2010 report, read more>>