Water Treatment Plant

wtp_01.JPG Seacoast’s Hood Road Membrane Water Plant is a 30.5 million gallon per day (MGD) facility comprised of 26.0 MGD of nanofiltration (NF), 3.5 MGD of low pressure reverse osmosis (LPRO), and 1.0 MGD of pretreated local surficial aquifer blend water. NF treatment demineralizes fresh water pumped from 35 surficial aquifer wells, while brackish water withdrawn from four Floridan aquifer wells is desalted using the LPRO process. Both the reverse osmosis and nanofiltration processes operate by forcing pressurized raw water through semi-permeable membranes that separate dissolved contaminants from the water. Seacoast presently delivers approximately 17 MGD to customers throughout its service area.


Water Production Maintenance Superintendent

Mike Conkling


Chief Plant Operator/Hood Road WTP

Bob Takahashi