Seacoast’s award winning PGA Regional Water Reclamation facility incorporates the latest in pollution control and water recycling technology. Seacoast's recycling initiative significantly reduces demand on our natural resources, protecting area wetlands, buffering against salt water intrusion, and conserving enough fresh water to serve a population of 50,000.


This 12.0 million gallons per day state of the art treatment plant features a range of physical, biological, chemical and odor control processes operated around the clock by Florida licensed professionals. The facility converts approximately 10 million gallons per day of incoming sewage and process wastewater to irrigation quality reclaimed water used throughout Seacoast’s service area.


Seacoast owns and maintains approximately 285 miles of gravity sewer pipelines and more than 150 pumping stations.  Sanitary sewage discharged from homes and businesses flows through these lines to one of more than 150 “lift stations” operated and maintained by fully trained and certified Seacoast technicians.


Reclaimed water is wastewater (sewage) that has been treated and disinfected to Florida’s stringent irrigation water quality standards.  Treated and stored at Seacoast’s PGA Regional Water Reclamation Facility, reclaimed water is pumped through 24 miles of pipeline to nearly 40 high volume irrigation customers. 


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