Meter Upgrade Program

Seacoast has recently implemented a plan by which all 35,000 customer water meters will be upgraded to Automated Meter Reading ("AMR") technology by the year 2021. This technology, already available to approximately one-third of Seacoast customers, transmits meter readings to a central processing server 4 times daily. The reporting frequency of the new infrastructure will provide greater billing accuracy, including leak detection alerting when unusual water use patterns are detected. Once the new meter is installed, customers can register to access their water consumption data online at AquaHawk.

Over the five year conversion period, Seacoast crews and contractors will be working in virtually all Seacoast-served communities, removing and replacing each customer’s meter. Seacoast’s contract installer, Line-Tec, will be operating private vehicles with magnetic Seacoast logos on the doors. Meter replacement protocols will be generally as follows:

Prior to commencing work in your area, Seacoast will initiate automated message (a/k/a "robo") calls to affected residents. It's important to provide and maintain current phone numbers to ensure you receive these calls. Please use the following link to update customer contact information.The message will offer information on when Line-Tec will be working in your area, how your water service may be affected, and Seacoast contact information, should you encounter any difficulty.

Further detail is available below.

At each residence, Line-Tec meter installation personnel will:

  • Knock on the door to advise that the water will be off for up to 20 minutes, more if difficulty is encountered
  • Shut off the customer’s water at the house valve (if one exists and can be located), also known as the "plumber's valve", generally located on or near the building's exterior wall. The purpose of this step is to prevent back siphoning of water.
  • Remove existing meter box and/or cover as necessary
  • Shut off the customer’s water immediately upstream of the meter
  • Remove the existing meter
  • Replace aged or deteriorated Seacoast valves, pipe or fittings
  • Install the AMR meter
  • Open a hose bib or other port that will allow air to be purged from the pipeline downstream of the meter.
  • Turn on the customer’s water immediately upstream of the meter
  • Repair any small leaks in the immediate vicinity of the meter, report larger or more distant downstream leaks (customer responsibility) to the customer and Seacoast
  • Once leaks have been resolved and air has been purged, open customer’s house valve to fully restore service.
  • Reset meter boxes and lids, including the communications module (flat device, flush with surface of meter box)
  • Connect AMR meter to Seacoast's system, log the new installation
  • Restore any excavated area
  • Place a notice on the customer's front door or gate advising that the work has been completed, and inviting you to enroll, at no charge, in the Aquahawk program.