Interview Tips

Research.  Perform due diligence on the organization before you go on the interview.  Find out what you can about the type of business it is, its mission and goals.

Prepare.  Before your interview, do a dry run practice interview with a trusted friend or family member.

Obtain References.  Find three key people that will provide you with a professional reference.  These references can consist of prior supervisors, colleagues, or instructors.

Look the part.  Dress for success.

It’s Showtime.  Be sure you know where you are going and arrive 15 minutes early.  Have available the contact person that you will be meeting and appointment time.

Bring necessary documentation.  Take along additional copies of your resume.

Sell Yourself.  The interview is your time to shine. Talk about your skills, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments that will set you apart from other applicants.

Be Yourself.  Smile, be polite and try to relax.  Be upbeat and make positive comments.

Ask questions.  This will show the employer that you have given thought to the organization and job position for which you are applying for.  This is a two-way opportunity for both the employer and candidate to see if it will be a good fit for the two.

Follow-up.  After the interview process, remember to send a note to the employer thanking them for their time and consideration.  Restate your interest in the organization and position.