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Any links to our former online payment site that you may have saved or bookmarked as a favorite will no longer be valid and should be deleted.
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Meter Upgrade Program

Seacoast has recently implemented a plan by which all 35,000 customer water meters will be upgraded to Automated Meter Reading ("AMR") technology by the year 2021. This technology, already available to approximately one-third of Seacoast customers, transmits meter readings to a central processing server 4 times daily. The reporting frequency of the new infrastructure will provide greater billing accuracy, including leak detection alerting when unusual water use patterns are detected. More >>

Are you planning changes?

Don't get caught in more red tape than necessary! Contact us first to discuss water/sewer impacts so you can plan accordingly. Property Questionnaire.

All customers are obligated to follow our Service Code, which governs changes to your water and sewer service. Here are just some of the things to consider when planning changes: More >>

Seacoast Utility Authority is a non-profit governmental regional water and wastewater utility that furnishes potable water and sewer service to approximately 50,380 households and commercial establishments.
The Authority's service area, which covers approximately 65 square miles, consists of certain unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County, and the incorporated areas of the City of Palm Beach Gardens, the Village of North Palm Beach, the Town of Lake Park and portions of the Town of Juno Beach, all in northern Palm Beach County, Florida.
The Authority has no taxing powers and does not receive any tax revenues from the state, county or city governments.

AquaHawk is a new tool for customers with a smart meter. To find out if your meter has been upgraded, look for "Remote" under "Read Type" on your billing statement; this indicates you have a smart meter.

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Seacoast has received reports that firms marketing home water treatment devices have unscrupulously misrepresented Seacoast's water quality to our customers. If a marketing representative states or implies that there are problems with the drinking water supplied by Seacoast, ask them:

1) May I have a copy of the analysis made by a certified lab that shows where Seacoast's water quality fails to meet drinking water standards? Ask the vendor/caller for information about the laboratory used, Florida lab certification number and a phone number where the lab can be reached.

2) Ask if the vendor has reported these alleged violations to Seacoast or the Palm Beach County Health Department. If so, what are the names of the individuals to whom the vendor reported these alleged violations and what was their response?

It is suggested that you refuse to interact further with the vendor/caller until all of this information is provided. Then if you decide you want to allow the individual into your home, we will be pleased to meet with you either in your home or at Seacoast for a more in-depth review of the allegations.

Home water treatment devices can be very useful in "polishing" water to suit personal preferences (taste, hardness, etc.). However, the water that Seacoast delivers to your home meets or exceeds federal, state and local drinking water standards.


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