Residential - FAQs

Why are connection fees due if I'm already connected?

The connection fees are similar to impact fees, not whether the physical connection is made. They are your share of the cost of the infrastructure including the water and wastewater plant, pipelines, lift stations, etc.

How can I get water or sewer on my street if the mains do not exist?

You will have to install the water and sewer facilities as any other developer. Because of the way Seacoast is legally structured, we cannot install new facilities the same way a municipality can. For areas in unincorporated Palm Beach County, the County's MSTU program might be utilized.

How many copies of (plans, shop drawings, etc.) do I need to submit?

We generally need 2 copies of all items submitted for reviews so that we can keep 1 file copy and return the other copy to you with our comments. 

Can I submit pdf files of plans by email instead of hard copies for review?

That will be fine for one or two sheets, but not for larger sets.

Do plans need to be sealed by an Engineer?

Florida statutes require that all engineering drawings submitted for public record be signed and sealed by a Florida Professional Engineer unless marked "for review." As-built drawings should be signed by a Surveyor.