Deposit Information

Beginning Service

As a new customer opening an account, it is necessary to pay a security deposit and complete and sign an application for service. You may come to our business offices to complete your application to start new service, or the application may be e-mailed or mailed to you. Service can only be put in the name of the person signing the application, and a picture identification must be provided.

Interest is paid on this deposit in the form of a credit on your June bill. It is also paid on your final bill if you discontinue service. Interest will be paid from the date your deposit was received. A service charge will be assessed to initiate service and will appear on your first statement. Repeated late payments of your utility bill may require an additional deposit. Deposits are held for a minimum of 25 months, longer if there are repeated late payments.

Transferring Service

If you move from one service location to another within our service area, your deposit can be transferred to the new location. A new application for service will be required and a service charge will be assessed. Non-residential customer deposits are refunded when the account is closed. To help you in your move, Seacoast will provide service simultaneously at both locations for ten days. The new customer moving in at your old service location shall make a deposit. Deposits cannot be transferred from one customer to another.

Ending Service

If you discontinue service and move from our service area, all outstanding charges will be deducted from your deposit and your final statement will indicate a balance due or a refund.

Refund for Prompt Payment

If you are a residential customer, your deposit will be refunded when you have met the following conditions:

1. Had continuous service for 25 months.

2. Established a satisfactory payment record and in the preceding twelve months you have not:

a) Made more than one late payment of your bill
b) Paid with a check refused by your bank.
c) Had your service shut off for non-payment.

3. At anytime you have not:

a) Tampered with the meter.
b) Used service in a fraudulent or unauthorized manner.

This refund will appear as a credit on your monthly bill.