Boil Water Q & A

How will we know if we have to boil the water?

 Depending upon the number of customers affected, Seacoast distributes boil water notices either through the media, HOA, guard houses, or by delivering notices to the door of each affected customer. Clearly, when all Seacoast customer homes and businesses are affected, it is impossible to deliver notices to every door.

The two easiest ways that customers can keep current on the status of a “boil water” advisory, provided they have telephone and electric service, is to check our website,, or call our boil water hotline at 561-656-2244, to listen to the latest updates. During a declared disaster, they can also listen for broadcast updates from the local Emergency Operation Center (EOC). Seacoast is in constant contact with the EOC to update any information regarding the water and sewer services.

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