While You're Away

Temporary Shut-off

If you are going away, you can request to have your service temporarily discontinued. If you choose to temporarily discontinue your service, you will be billed only the monthly Base Facility Charge for each billing period. It will be necessary for you to give us your forwarding address so that your bill can be sent to you while you're away. To reinstate your service, please contact our office at least 24 hours in advance at (561) 627-2920. There will be a service charge for the reinstatement on your next bill.

Advance Payment

If you do not want service interrupted while you are away, you may make an advance payment for the time you will be gone which will be credited to your account and reflected on your monthly bill.

Protect Your Service

When you plan to be away, you probably make sure your property is protected against vandalism. The same should apply to your water service. Remember you are responsible for the water that registers on the meter. Below are some suggestions you may wish to follow to protect your water service while you're gone.

  1. Lock away all water hoses.
  2. Turn off all inside and outside faucets completely including toilets.
  3. Remove all outside hose bib (faucet) handles.
  4. If you want your service to remain on, have someone watch your house/business.
  5. If you want your water service terminated, call our Customer Service Office at (561) 627-2920 and ask for a temporary shut-off. (BE SURE TO HAVE ELECTRICITY/GAS TO YOUR HOT WATER HEATER TURNED OFF).

These suggestions should also be followed on Halloween before ghosts and goblins start their rounds.