Treatment Plant

Currently permitted to treat 12.0 million gallons per day, the wastewater plant operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week. With a minimum staff of two operators, state of the art computers and programmable wwtp_01.JPGlogic controllers each plant process is monitored and strictly controlled.  Sewage pump stations located throughout the collection system convey the sewage through pressure pipes (force mains) to the treatment plant. Primary treatment includes screening to remove larger materials, inorganic solids such as plastics, grit and sand. Secondary treatment removes the dissolved and suspended organic matter using a biological process. Because this process relies on living micro-organisms extreme care in maintaining operating parameters must be taken to ensure proper treatment. Tertiary treatment includes high level disinfection and filtration. This process destroys and removes remaining bacteria, viruses and other potential organisms that might threatenwwtp_02.JPG public health. 100% of all wastewater received at the PGA Wastewater Treatment Plant is processed to this standard which meets the State requirements for reuse. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has approved reuse for water meeting the requirement under RULE 62-610 Part III. Water meeting this standard is approved for application to public access areas such as parks, golf courses, common areas and streetscapes.

Bio-solids produced during the process also require extended treatment to reduce the organic content prior to disposal. Following treatment solids are dewatered using roller presses and hauled to a final disposal site.

Chief Plant Operator

Robert Gruppo