Industrial Pretreatment Program


Utility systems supplying reclaimed water are required to implement and maintain an Industrial Pretreatment Program in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) regulations under Rule 62-610 FAC. This Rule along with others including the Clean Water Act (33 United States Code 1251 et seq.) the General Pretreatment Regulation (40 Code of Federal Regulation Part 403), the Pretreatment Requirements for new and existing Sources of Pollution ( Chapter 62-625 FAC) and lastly local Ordinance 1-1997.001. The purpose and objectives of these rules and regulation is as follows:

To prevent the introduction of pollutants into the wastewater facilities that will interfere with its operation, including interferences with its use or disposal of domestic wastewater residuals or bio-solids.

To prevent introduction of pollutants into the wastewater facilities that will pass through the facility, inadequately treated, and enter receiving waters or that would be incompatible with the wastewater facility itself.

To protect both wastewater facilities personnel who may be affected by wastewater pollutants in the course of their employment and the general public.

To promote reuse and recycling of industrial wastewater and sludge from wastewater facilities.

To provide for fees for the equitable distribution of the cost of operation, maintenance and improvements to the wastewater facility, and

To enable Seacoast Utility Authority to comply with its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit conditions: sludge use and disposal requirements, and any other Federal or State laws to which wastewater may be subject.

Programs Coordinator

Chip Dingers