Sewer Backup

What do I do in the event of a backup? A blockage in the service lateral or mainline will affect drains throughout the entire house. A single drain or toilet may be an isolated problem.

If possible locate your cleanout (note: it may be buried or you may not have one) they are generally located a few feet from the house. It will be metal or plastic and is generally 4” in diameter you mayTypical clean out also have more than one. In some cases the clean out in at the edge of street or side walk. If a backup should occur to the point of overflow, it is recommended that you remove the clean out cap, depending on the location of the blockage; this may allow the water to spill in the yard rather than in your house. Before calling a plumber call Seacoast first at listed numbers. Seacoast will check main line and if possible service lateral up to clean out (if available) at property line. If the line is clear you will be directed to call a plumber. Seacoast will initiate cleanup if the blockage is determined to be a Seacoast’s responsibility.