Wastewater FAQ's

Sewer Backup

What do I do in the event of a backup? A blockage in the service lateral or mainline will affect drains throughout the entire house. A single drain or toilet may be an isolated problem.

If possible locate your cleanout (note: it may be buried or you may not have one) they are generally located a few feet from the house. It will be metal or plastic and is generally 4” in diameter you mayTypical clean out also have more than one. In some cases the clean out in at the edge of street or side walk. If a backup should occur to the point of overflow, it is recommended that you remove the clean out cap, depending on the location of the blockage; this may allow the water to spill in the yard rather than in your house. Before calling a plumber call Seacoast first at listed numbers. Seacoast will check main line and if possible service lateral up to clean out (if available) at property line. If the line is clear you will be directed to call a plumber. Seacoast will initiate cleanup if the blockage is determined to be a Seacoast’s responsibility.

Sewer Odor Complaint

Contact Seacoast’s Customer Service Dept. to report odor from interior plumbing, a pump/lift station, a manhole or other source.

Sewer Overflows

Contact Seacoast Customer Service Dept. to report sewage running down street or swale, bubbling from a manhole, broken pipe or pump/lift station.

Road Depressions/Sinkholes

Contact Seacoast Customer Service Dept. to report dip in pavement or hole in the street, shoulder or swale. If considered an immediate danger to the public dial 911.

Grease Traps/Oil Interceptors

Commercial customer may be required to maintain a grease trap and or oil interceptors as part of Seacoast Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP). Seacoast performs quarterly inspections to ensure traps and interceptors are being maintained properly. Violations are issued to those that fail an inspection. Follow up inspections are made 10 days following the initial violation. A second violation results in the start of formal legal action and enforcement. Failure to comply with Seacoast’s (IPP) may result in termination of water service.

Cleaning and Inspection

Seacoast performs annual cleaning and inspection of designated gravity sewer lines each year. This is preventive maintenance designed to minimize service interruptions and to identify potential problems in the early stages. Seacoast used both in-house personnel and subcontractors to perform this valuable service. From time to time the cleaning process will force water in the toilet bowl to be expelled. To minimize any damage that might occur, Seacoast requires that door hanger/ Seacoast Advisory be distributed to all customers that will be affected at least 24 hours in advance. Should an expulsion occur, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately.

Maintenance and Construction

Seacoast performs many repairs and improvements to the sewer system each year. The scope of work repair-02.jpgcan range from a minor service repair to the replacement of a sewer main extending for city blocks. Seacoast uses both in-house personnel and subcontractors to perform this work. For scheduled projects, Seacoast requires that Notices of Construction be distributed prior to the work being performed.repair-04.jpg Lead times can vary depending on the scope of work but never less than 24 hours. These notices provide detailed information specific to the work being performed. In cases of emergency, Seacoast will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience.