Riverside Rd. Water Main Replacement


January 11, 2017

Felix’s crews will be installing the water main across Anchorage Drive just north of the intersection with Riverside on Friday, January 13, 2017. The road will be reduced to one lane with flag personnel guiding traffic. Please use caution in this area. Alternate routes via Anchorage to US1 north of Riverside and via Anchorage to Lighthouse south of Riverside may be used to minimize traffic delays.

Construction Period: December 27, 2016 through March 13, 2017

Project Description – SUA’s contractor, Felix Associates of Florida, Inc., will install a 6-inch diameter ductile iron pipe (DIP) potable water main pipeline westward along the north side of Riverside Road from the east side of Anchorage Drive to the end of the road. Please note that this project will include the crossing of Anchorage Drive. The new water main will replace the existing 4-inch and 6-inch water main that is approaching the end of its useful life.  

Construction Method – The new pipeline will be installed by open-cut method adjacent  to the existing 50-year old water main that is to be abandoned in place. The contractor will excavate a trench approximately 3 feet deep and install the new water main with fire hydrants, disinfect and test the new water main and then transfer the individual water services from the old main to the newly installed water main. Please note that there will be a brief interruption in service during the transition from the old water main to the new water main. Once all the services are on the new water main, the existing water main will be filled with grout and abandoned in place. After abandonment, the contractor will remove his equipment and fully restore all areas impacted by construction activity. 

Construction zone – All work will be done within road rights of way and dedicated easements. Construction materials including some fill material and small rock will be staged along the roadway.

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic – There will be sidewalk, traffic lane and driveway closures on Anchorage Drive and along Riverside Road, but the construction approach will allow these to be relatively brief. All driveways will be open during non-working hours and access to the driveways will be allowed where safety allows. Signs and barricades will be positioned as required, and SUA contractors have been instructed to secure all work areas to implement traffic control measures designed to minimize risk and public inconvenience.

Hours of construction – Daylight hours on weekdays, minimal work on Saturdays, no Sunday or holiday work.

Equipment to be used – Pickup trucks, backhoes, and compactors. Periodically, there will be front end loaders, dump trucks and flatbed vehicles, and depending upon ground water conditions, it may be necessary to operate a dewatering pump around the clock for a few days.

Noise – The contractor must comply with local noise ordinances. We appreciate your patience during this critically important construction activity. We will post information on our web site at www.sua.com, you may also call us at 561-627-2900 ext. 316 during business hours if questions or issues arise.