December 15, 2016

The well installation is now complete. The well driller is cleaning up the site as they move their equipment. Over the next two months, a contractor will be installing the piping, pump, electrical service, fencing and landscaping. The Authority appreciates your continued patience as this project comes to completion. This final phase should be less noticeable to residents than the drilling phase. Please contact us if you have any concerns or comments.

October 28, 2016

Currently, the well drilling contractor is approximately a month behind schedule due to Hurricane Preparations and weather. Otherwise, the project is going well and progress continues on a weekly basis. The contractor is planning to remove the drill rig mid-November. Over the next several months, contractors will focus on site work (pumps and piping installation) and site restoration (cleanup and landscaping). We are expecting project completion to occur mid to late January 2017.

F-5 Project

Seacoast Utility Authority (SUA) would like to make you aware of water supply infrastructure improvements soon to be constructed near your residence.

The project consists of two components. The first is a 1,200 foot deep Floridan aquifer well to be drilled along the east side of Military Trail, between The Isles development and Miramar Townhomes, north of the EPB-3 Canal. Well construction, which includes the well itself, electrical and control panels, above grade piping, security fencing and buffer landscaping, is scheduled to begin in early April 2016 and continue approximately five months.

The second component is the installation of underground piping from the well site eastward along the north side of the EPB-3 Canal, then northward by directional drill (minimal excavation) along the east side of Sargasso Road to SUA’s Hood Road Water Plant. This work is scheduled to commence in June and continue through September 2016. SUA will provide additional information on the pipeline work prior to commencement and periodic updates here

Please click the link below for a map with current and proposed construction sites.

Construction Site Google Map

What is a Floridan aquifer well?

A Floridan well extracts brackish water from a 1,200 foot depth for low pressure reverse osmosis treatment at SUA’s Hood Road Water Treatment Plant.

How was the site chosen?

Optimal Floridan aquifer wellfield performance requires a minimum separation of 2,000 feet between wells. This site, which meets the required separation from three existing Floridan aquifer wells located on Seacoast’s 40-acre Hood Road campus was acquired during the Isles land development approval process.

Will construction activities be loud?

The contractor must comply with local noise ordinances. SUA is requiring the contractor to utilize quieter electric driven equipment in lieu of diesel engines. The construction team is employing the best industry practices to assure compliance.

Will the well affect our lake levels?

No, the well is 1,200 feet deep and there is a confining layer separating the Floridan Aquifer from the Surficial Aquifer and ground water table.

What will the site look like during construction?

During the drilling, there will be a drill rig and several pieces of equipment to support the operation. There will also be mud handling system that is used to lubricate the well and remove cuttings from the hole.


What will the final well site look like?

The final site will have a well, pipe, pump, controls and fencing.  The picture below shows similar well on  SUA campus.


The well will be landscaped so that it is concealed similar to the well below. This well is on the SUA campus entrance, concealed with landscaping.


Who should I contact if there is a problem concerning the well construction?

Emergency 911

During work hours: 561.627.2900 EXT 316

Non-Emergency after hours:  Website Information Request Form

How do I get additional information about this project?

Our website will be updated with information and status of the project. 

Website Information Request Form