Engineering FAQ

Residential Customers:

Why are connection fees due if I’m already connected?

 Connection fees are similar to impact fees and are based on usage type, not the physical connection to meter. The fees are your share of the cost for the Authority’s infrastructure.

How do I connect to water or sewer on my street if there are no mains?

 You would need to install water or sewer facilities to the point of connection to the Authority’s main. Due to the Authority’s legal structure, we cannot finance the installation of new facilities in the same manner a municipality can. Please contact your local municipality to determine if they have a funding program to assist in the installation.

How many copies of plans or shop drawings do I need to submit?

 We need two copies of all items submitted for reviews, one copy for our files and one copy for comments.

Can plans be submitted electronically?

 One or two sheets is acceptable, larger sets require hard copies.

Do plans need to be sealed by an Engineer?

 Florida statutes require all engineering drawings submitted for public record be signed and sealed by a Florida Professional Engineer unless marked “for review”. As-built drawings should be signed by a Surveyor.

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