Please note that Seacoast Utility Authority will be upgrading our payment processing system over the next several months. There may be a time frame when the system will NOT ALLOW FOR CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS. You will still be able to make payments on-line with a checking account, in our customer service walk-in lobby, telephone, drop box or by mail. The upgraded system will provide a more convenient way to make payments and offer additional bill pay options. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while upgrades are being made to our bill pay system.

Maintenance and Construction

Seacoast performs many repairs and improvements to the sewer system each year. The scope of work repair-02.jpgcan range from a minor service repair to the replacement of a sewer main extending for city blocks. Seacoast uses both in-house personnel and subcontractors to perform this work. For scheduled projects, Seacoast requires that Notices of Construction be distributed prior to the work being Lead times can vary depending on the scope of work but never less than 24 hours. These notices provide detailed information specific to the work being performed. In cases of emergency, Seacoast will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience.